Monthly Archives: August 2014

Taking Care of Your Family/Estate Planning

Now that you have all of your valued possessions inventoried, have you thought about what is going to happen to your family heirlooms and other treasured possessions?  This is the perfect opportunity to create a permanent record of your treasures and other valuable property.  Share your stories with your loved ones.  What a great gift to leave behind and a comfort to your loved ones.  A stranger may see your treasures as stuff, if your loved ones know the history they can appreciate the sentimental and monetary value as they pass it on to their loved ones.

As your treasures are being inventoried, sit down with your family to find out who may want the items passed onto them.  Have all of that documented with your inventory to prevent any painful sorting of your possessions during this painful time.  This may change over time but it certainly is a great starting point, a great time to get that line of communication open.

Do whatever works best for your family and for your peace of mind.