Where do you start in the event of an unexpected loss.

You come home from a wonderful vacation and find that your pipe burst and everything in your home is ruined, where do you start?

This can happen to anyone, the first thing you want to do is cry.  First take a step back in time and take that moment in time before you leave and turn off the water to your house.  This is just a small step to prevent one of the many things that can happen.

Scenario #2 – you come home from a long day at work and find your home has been burglarized.  Your expensive jewelry and electronics are all gone and your home has been ransacked so if it wasn’t stolen, it was destroyed.  The first thing you think of is call the police, being able to provide pictures of what was stolen may help the police identify and recover your stolen items.

Talk to you insurance agent about the importance of having a complete inventory documentation.  Your insurance agent may have some great tools or suggestions to help you.  You may have come up with something so valuable, your insurance agent may want to share with his other clients.   Great win-win, take care of your treasures and help others take care of theirs.

Take a picture of each room and your treasures whether they are the items in your home that you see and use every day or items that are put away and easy to forget about.  Check out our inventory documentation checklist, it will help you room by room to make sure nothing is missed.  This is the best way to remind yourself of everything that you own and share with your insurance company.  For any items that have models of serial numbers, keep those handy too.  That may be the difference between getting the standard item or the higher quality item with those special features that were so important to you.  Keep it all recorded in a safe place, away from your home.

In todays world of technology, all of your treasures can be photographed and saved on a flash drive which is compact and secure.  Ask a family member to keep a copy in their home, keep in a safe deposit box, your desk at work or anywhere else you feel is safe other than in your home.  With how inexpensive flash drives are today, make several copies.

We will work with you to create a complete home inventory, help you to keep it updated as new treasures are acquired and at your request we keep a copy in a safe that we can share with the police and your insurance agent at your written request.

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